Financial Education

In the current financial climate we need to be in control of our finances more than ever.
But sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to start and this can lead to anxiety and stress and ultimately, ill health! We can provide hour long seminars so that you can help your employees keep control of their finances and make the most of their money. Our seminars cover everything from budgeting to borrowing, spending today and saving tomorrow.

If you’re not one of our valued customers and this service is of interest to you – please just get in touch. We’d be happy to arrange a seminar for you ! We’ll even draft a staff invite for you!

Here’s just some of the comments made by employees after attending a seminar:
“I now write everything down that I spend in a month. This has really made me think about my spending. Last month alone, I saved £150!”
Wayne Rice,
“Shopping around for insurance products saved me £200 and taking a packed lunch more often probably saves me around £20 per week”
Sarah Grick,

We can also provide your staff with a help line to call for expert help and advice on everything financial.

Debt Advice & Solutions

The level of household debt is a growing cause for concern. With the rising cost of living many people are struggling to make ends meet. In fact, it is estimated that currently 1 person is declared bankrupt or insolvent every 5 minutes in the UK, and that 104 families are having their home repossessed daily (source: Credit Action September 2008). The detrimental business effects of this can not be ignored with industry facing hours of lost productivity.

All Life & Legal members can receive free, confidential, advice about how to deal with their debt problems and tailored solutions to help them get back on track with their finances. This can be a real lifeline to people who usually don’t like talking about their problems.