We are committed to providing the very best and most flexible forms of advice, support and discounts to your employees and their families when they need them.

In order to deliver these effectively we will work with you to ensure that the service reaches the people it has been designed for – your employees. To do this we will work with you to develop the right communication strategy that best fits your needs.

The sorts of things we do as standard are:-

  • We will supply individual employee marketing material for you to distribute.
  • We will provide relevant and eye catching posters for you to display as you wish
  • We can supply wallet membership cards for employees on request.
  • We will provide relevant and interesting regular employee bulletins and newsletters for your intranet and for display.
  • We can provide on site events to help with employee engagement with a focus on things like : health and fitness, managing your money and budgeting, on site legal surgeries
  • We offer Quit Smoking days at a minimal  cost to the business
  • We can also provide you with paid for events such as delivering on site holistic therapies and treatments such as massage mindfulness and other stress relieving stratagies.